Master of Science/Postgraduate Diploma in Early Childhood Development

The Master of Science (MSc) in Early Childhood Development (ECD) offered by BIED is the first Masters course of its kind in Bangladesh. Developed in conjunction with Columbia University, USA, the programme looks to create a greater number of professionals in the ECD field of Bangladesh. The focus of the course has been to attract professionals working in the ECD field and teachers in order to create a demand and raise awareness on the importance of the early childhood period among stakeholders. The contents of the course cover the major issues in the ECD field in an interactive and participatory manner through individual and group learning methods.

Between 2006-2007, technical assistance from the Open Society Institute (OSI), UK, in collaboration with Columbia University was used in hiring international faculty and develop local faculty. Plan International was also involved as a partner in the ECD course by financing in course designing. 2015 saw the 6th batch working on thesis and 7th batch continuing the post graduate diploma. In December 2015, 21 new students have enrolled for the master’s program and have commenced their certificate level course. The students of the course are able to benefit from BIED’s national and international ECD network and its strength in conducting ECD research.

  • Postgraduate Certificate Program consisting of 5 courses
  • Diploma (5+4 courses)
  • Masters (5+4 courses and Dissertation)
  • 36 credits
  • Each course unit combines 42 hours face to face and 66 hours for individual study and assignment
  • We are the pioneers of ECD by being the first to offer an academic programme in Bangladesh
  • Participants will take part in active learning methods designed to bring the latest in ECD pedagogy to you
  • Develop yourself through co-facilitation and widen your skill set
  • You won’t stay in one place thanks to the innovative blend of classroom and field learning opportunities
  • Take a look at ECD through different angles through the combination of Global and National ECD perspectives
  • The 15 month time frame gives you chances to explore the world of ECD and enhance your understanding of it
  • Finding jobs will be so much easier with a Master’s degree, and
  • Flexibility – this program is offered 3 days a week from 5:30-8:30 pm

ECD 521: Foundation of Early Childhood Development

ECD 523: Play and Creativity

ECD 524: School Readiness

ECD 527: Individualised Teaching and Learning

ECD 525: Working with Families

ECD 526: Contemporary Issues in ECD

ECD 520: Program Design and an Introduction to Research

ECD 529: Research Methods: An Introduction to Basic Principles

ECD 528: Policy Development and Advocacy

ECD 530: Research Methods: Project Proposal Development

ECD 531: Advanced Seminar

ECD 532: Dissertation

  • At least bachelor’s degree in education, health, or related social science from a recognised university
  • Applicants are selected based on an interview and review of their academic/professional experience.
  • Candidates in the ECD field with a role in programme design, development or evaluation are urged to apply
  • It is desirable that applicants have a few years of work experience. But all are encouraged to apply.
  • English is the medium of instruction. IELTS score of 6.5 or equivalent is required. If students are selected by a placement test, their level of English proficiency will be identified from the test. If found to be deficient, applicants will be admitted to the program with completion of a non-credit intensive language programme. Progression to MSc programme is dependent upon demonstration of their English language ability equivalent of IELTS profile of 6.5.


  • ECD Program Alumni, Parsa Sanjana Lateef, BRAC IED
    • ECD Program Alumni, Parsa Sanjana Lateef, BRAC IED

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  • ECD Program Alumni, Nishat Nazneen, BRAC IED
    • ECD Program Alumni, Nishat Nazneen, BRAC IED

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  • ECD Program Alumni, Shantimoy Chakma, BRAC IED
    • ECD Program Alumni, Shantimoy Chakma, BRAC IED

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