Early Childhood Development (ECD)

ECD: BIED’s Early Childhood Development (ECD) and Center for Play program is dedicated to advocating the importance of play and early years’ learning.  The center provides a platform for idea generation and dissemination through professional development, research and project & model development. It is additionally a hub for early years’ learning in Bangladesh, operating in partnership with ECD networks home and abroad, including Bangladesh ECD Network (BEN) as well as private and public stakeholders. Work on ECD in Bangladesh being scarce, ECD & Center for Play have been exploring emerging areas of the field over the years, focusing on- The socio-emotional learning; ECD tools development/validation; infant and early years’ stimulation; maternal and mental health; play and creativity; school readiness and parenting; early years play-based learning models; comprehensive child development packages; day-care models; pre-school models; programs on positive thinking. 

Professional Development: Given the lack of early childhood professionals in the country, the ECD & Center for Play offer a diverse range of tailor-made short courses as well as the country’s first Master’s Program in ECD to create more advocates of the field as well as strengthen the capacity of professionals working in ECD. 

Research: ECD & Center for Play is committed to providing evidences, through which it aims to advocate and bring voices from untapped areas of the field to a larger audience. The program conducts thorough investigative researches on emerging areas which, through dissemination to multi-stakeholders, is intended to bring awareness on greater issues related to ECD. 

Project & Model Development: Through projects and development of various models, ECD & Center for Play seek to take forward innovation through unique ideas and exploring untapped areas of the field. Through a process of needs-assessment, test & try-outs and final dissemination of results, the overall aim is to bring forward tested solutions which implementing agencies/social enterprises (i.e BRAC) can provide to a larger population. 

Center For Play: BRAC Institute of Educational Development (BIED), in collaboration with BRAC, BRAC International and the LEGO Foundation, has designed the BRAC Play Lab Project, a unique pilot project that advocates early years’ learning for socio-economically disadvantaged children through play. The project’s unique play model is a low-cost, scalable model that incorporates play-based learning in all domains of the curriculum through the use of low-cost, readily-available play materials. Currently, BIED has developed Play Models for children, aged 1-3 years, 3-4 years and 3-5 years, coming from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds. The project not only facilitates early years’ learning, but also creates a platform for parents to understand the importance of a healthy and positive early childhood development. The project additionally has a positive spillover effect on the community as well through financial and economic empowerment of young women of the community employed as Play Facilitators of the project, as well as knowledge generation and understanding of the early years by community members. 

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Play Summit 2018
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BRAC Centre, Dhaka
BRAC Centre, Dhaka
BRAC Centre, Dhaka


Clowns Without Borders UK (CWB UK) will be visiting FDMN in Cox’s Bazar January 20- February 2, 2

BRAC, in collaboration with ANJI Play China, and supporting partner Tung Wah College, will

Since its inception in 2004, BIED, as a pioneering educational institute, has strived to cater to the public sector as well as to the very vibrant and emerging private sector. Its focus on the diverse areas of courses, researches and other thematic areas make it indeed different and in some ways the only institute that offers these.
Dr. Erum Mariam
Director, BIED

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