Teachers’ Stress Level Identification and Classroom Management in SSCOPE Schools

In order to ensure that the SSCOPE program continues its positive progression, the Center for Psychosocial Well-being and SRHRG took the initiative to find out through observation and statistics if their teachers were stressed. Once they had assessed the collected data, they took the appropriate approach to help the teachers’ better deal with the situations they faced.

The research was conducted in two forms:

  • Questionnaires
  • General classroom observations and interviews

In order to put their stress levels on a comparable plane, the team used the scores from the questionnaires to create a scoring system in which anyone who scored above 8 points was considered stressed even if it was only on mild levels. Of the 12-targeted individuals, 9 were available for the research collection process. The following are their gender and scores:



Looking at these scores and other interviews in which teachers expressed what caused their stress (i.e. side conversations, not bringing homework, etc.), it was evident that while some teachers were capable of managing their class and any stress that they faced, others had a hard time because they didn't know how to deal with certain situations and thus lost patience.

With this in mind, the Center for Psychosocial Well-being and SRHRG team intervened with the appropriate measure of introducing stress and classroom management techniques to the teachers. By addressing the problem they hope to create a more positive and productive classroom environment.

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BRAC Centre, Dhaka
BRAC Centre, Dhaka
BRAC Centre, Dhaka


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