BIED Hosts First Play Consortium Meeting

From January 7thto 10th January, 2017, BIED hosted the first Play Consortium Meeting at BRAC CDM, Savar. Guests of the event included representatives of BRAC USA, BRAC Uganda and Tanzania, the LEGO Foundation, international experts on play-based learning as well as resource persons and researchers from BIED.

The Play Consortium comprises ofa group of international experts on Early Childhood Development (ECD), spearheaded by the ECD & Center for Play program of BRAC Institute of Educational Development (BIED), which seeks to guide the BRAC Play Lab project and advocate for learning through play by: leveraging knowledge and experience of national and international best practices; adapting, developing and validating contextually appropriate play-based curricula and other teaching, learning and play materials; contributing to the Project’s research agenda; enhancing learning for the project staff and, advocating play-based learning for children. Additionally, the Play Consortium seeks to advance the cause of play-based learning by creating a reflective space for co-learning about learning through play and advocating for children’s learning through play worldwide, through which relevant stakeholders, including BRAC entities, NGOs, donors, government, as well as ECD policy makers in Bangladesh, Tanzania and Uganda will understand the importance of learning through play and consider adopting the project’s approach.


The three-day consortium provided a platform for members of the Play Consortium to address a diverse range of themes related to early childhood development and learning through play. As these are emerging areas in Bangladesh, steps to advocate these focal points and open avenues of further research and development were discussed. Topics particularly focused on the current Play Labs implemented in Bangladesh and locate areas of improvement. Participants also focused on designing the Play Lab curriculum, designing assessment tools to monitor performance of both child and parents, addressing community and parental needs and aligning them with the philosophy of the Play Lab model, designing training and refresher courses for Play Leaders, etc. 


The Play Consortium concluded with a promise to implement the ideas and steps discussed for way forward and to engage in future meetings to discuss the progress of the Play Lab Model.


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BRAC Centre, Dhaka
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Play Summit 2018
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BRAC Centre, Dhaka
BRAC Centre, Dhaka
BRAC Centre, Dhaka


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