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Currently, 136 students are enrolled in BIED’s MEd programme in Educational Leadership and School Improvement while 34 students are enrolled in the MSc in Early Childhood Development.
BIED’s MEd and PGD in Educational Leadership and School Improvement programme is designed to develop the skills and capacities of students as education leaders and managers. Students include development professionals, education officers, teachers, head teachers and school principals, and government officers. Led by Professor Emeritus Dr. Manzoor Ahmed, the faculty is a team of highly qualified and well-reputed education professionals.
The MSc and PGD in Early Childhood Development programme offers a detailed pedagogy on early childhood development and the formation of early years’ growth. Students of this programme include government officers, early childhood professionals, education officers, development workers, and advocated invested in the field of ECD. Our previous students have gone on to make a mark in the field of girls education, children’s television programming, and early childhood education. A team of highly qualified faculty members of national and global repute, which include curriculum developers, educationists and resource professionals actively involved in the field of early childhood development, lead this programme.

International Students

At BIED, we value the different cultural perspectives international students bring to our institution. Our MEd and MSc programmes include students from countries like Turkey, Tanzania, Afghanistan, etc. Several of our students have gone ahead to further their career in education development in their respective countries.
BIED also offers accommodation for international students enrolled in our education programmes.
For more information on fees, accommodation rent, scholarships and other details, please contact

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Play Summit 2018
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BRAC Centre, Dhaka
BRAC Centre, Dhaka
BRAC Centre, Dhaka


Clowns Without Borders UK (CWB UK) will be visiting FDMN in Cox’s Bazar January 20- February 2, 2

BRAC, in collaboration with ANJI Play China, and supporting partner Tung Wah College, will

Since its inception in 2004, BIED, as a pioneering educational institute, has strived to cater to the public sector as well as to the very vibrant and emerging private sector. Its focus on the diverse areas of courses, researches and other thematic areas make it indeed different and in some ways the only institute that offers these.
Dr. Erum Mariam
Director, BIED

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