BIED conducts evaluative researches; as well as undertakes large-scale researches that are quantitative, qualitative, experimental, experimental and quasi-experimental in nature. These research works are disseminated to relevant stakeholders nationally and internationally, to bring forward evidence-based solutions.

BIED had previously been involved in action-oriented researches to build community awareness of education and gender parity in communities as well as research projects that addressed the needs of primary school teachers through needs-assessment workshops. Previous research works also includes assessments of urban adolescents in Bangladesh, studies on virtually excluded primary level students in rural communities, assessment of teachers’ roles in classrooms, interface of child labor and education in cities. 

Macro Research

As a research institute, large-scale educational research initiatives are an inherent component of BIED. Important studies include research on virtual exclusion with the University of Sussex, UK and 3 Education Watch studies in collaboration with the Campaign for Popular Education (CAMPE).

Education Watch

BIED engages in large-scale educational research, having conducted a study on virtual exclusion with the University of Sussex and 3 Education Watch studies. Working in collaboration with the Campaign for Popular Education (CAMPE), BIED designed and carried out an Education Watch study through a nationwide household survey of young people that explores their status and prospects of skills development in Bangladesh. Through a nationwide household survey of 23,610 young people (aged 10-24 years), the study aims to explore their access to, and participation in, general and occupational skills development activities, employment and formal and informal apprenticeships, as well as their expectations and needs with regards to skills development.

Child Labour and Education in Informal Settlements in Dhaka City

A survey is being conducted by BIED, in collaboration with Overseas Development Institute (ODI), UK, and Understanding Children Work (UCW), to understand the interface between child labour and education in informal settlements in Dhaka city. To date, 4,500 households have been surveyed and 2,700 children aged 6-14 have been interviewed.

Baseline Survey of the IIEGRA Project:

BRAC Education Program (BEP), Concern Universal (CU) and BIED are going to jointly implement a project titled, Innovation for Improving Early Grade Reading Activity (IIEGRA) with financial assistance from USAID. The project aims to improve reading proficiency among the students of early grades I, II and III in primary schools. For the purpose, the partners in the intervention will initiate different activities towards this goal in the schools as well as in the community. The project will be implemented in 245 Government Primary Schools (GPSs) in 7 Upazilas of Khagrachori and Cox’s Bazar districts of Chittagong Division. The BIED research team has undertaken a study in an attempt to establish a baseline of information on selected indicators as part of broader evaluation. The objective of the baseline is to establish base level of reading proficiency in Bangla of the Grades I, II and III completers in project areas. The baseline survey is to be conducted in 2016.

List of Completed Research in 2016:

Shimu, Sheikh. Shahana, Kalam, Md. Abul and Hossain, Altaf. (2016) Schooling, SRHR, Gender and Counseling of Post-primary Education (SSCOPE): An Evaluation, Dhaka, Bangladesh: BIED, BRACU.  

Shimu, Sheikh. Shahana, Kalam, Md. Abul and Hossain, Altaf. (2016) Results of Baseline Survey of the Innovation for Improving Early Grade Reading Activity (IIEGRA) project, Dhaka, Bangladesh: BIED, BRACU. 

Akter, Shaheen (2016) Promoting early learning and development through play: exploring the practice s at the play center,Dhaka, Bangladesh: BIED, BRACU. 

Akter, Shaheen (2016) A portrait of BRAC Play center,Dhaka, Bangladesh: BIED, BRACU. 

Collaborative study with Overseas Development Institute (ODI)

Quattri, Maria et al. (2016) Child labour and education: a survey of slum settlements in Dhaka, London, UK: ODI.
Mim.,Shamnaz  Arifin. (2016) ‘Nature of “Schooling”: Construction of Gendered Identities in a Secondary School’,Bangladesh Education Journal, 15(1),29-39.
Babu.,Rasel&Mim., ShamnazArifin.(2016)'ShishukendrikShikkhaloy', Shakkhorota Bulletin, 268, 12-14

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BRAC Centre, Dhaka
BRAC Centre, Dhaka
BRAC Centre, Dhaka


Clowns Without Borders UK (CWB UK) will be visiting FDMN in Cox’s Bazar January 20- February 2, 2

BRAC, in collaboration with ANJI Play China, and supporting partner Tung Wah College, will

Since its inception in 2004, BIED, as a pioneering educational institute, has strived to cater to the public sector as well as to the very vibrant and emerging private sector. Its focus on the diverse areas of courses, researches and other thematic areas make it indeed different and in some ways the only institute that offers these.
Dr. Erum Mariam
Director, BIED

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