Masters of Education Program:

2015- 2016:

1. Constructivism in teaching learning process of higher education: case study of an architecture school in Bangladesh, Naushad Ehsanul Huq

2. Building bridges through leadership training (BBTL) program: initiatives used by Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center (BYLC) in promoting students’ leadership and citizenship, Almeer Ahsan Asif

3. Student council program in government primary schools: how it promotes students’ leadership, Maliha Ahsan

4. English language teaching-learning in government primary schools: current teaching-learning process and practices in the classroom, Md. Shanawaz

5. Education for marginalized children of char areas: looking at the drop’s initiative, Rijwana Ameen Chowdhury

6. Nalanda ‘school of joy’: teaching learning strategies and support system, for implementing child friendly education in Bangladesh, Sufia Ferdousi

7. How spaces in classrooms are viewed and strategies to use these spaces effectively for learning, Shakil Ahmed

8. Exploring refugee education in Bangladesh: A case study of primary education for the Rohingyas, Sumaiya Mahabub

2013-2014: 5th Batch:

1. Providing education for the street children: initiatives taken by ngos (BRAC) in the urban area

2. Leadership development of secondary school children: role of mentoring programme of BRAC.

3. Role of BRAC Adolescent Development Program (ADP) for developing life skills of adolescent girls of Achik Mande community

4. Seqaep initiative to support mathematics teaching and learning in secondary school

5. Development and use of supplementary learning materials (SLM) on mathematics for primary level in BRAC Nobodhara school

6. Understanding and practice of formative assessment in government primary schools in Bangladesh

7. How have the leadership practices of GPS head teachers changed as a result of leadership training for head teachers

8. Computer Aided Learning (CAL) program and teaching learning materials for general science:  How they are understood and used by teachers in non govt. Secondary school

9. Approaches, methods and educational supports for language teaching-learning used for Bangla language in primary schools

10. Teacher training strategies of Dip-in-Ed for primary school teachers and implementation practices at the classroom level

11. Learning environment and classroom management strategies of BRAC Nabodhara school to engage students in the classroom activities

12. Induction training for newly recruited primary school teachers: rationale, design and implementation of this new initiative

13. Leadership capacity development of education managers of BRAC education program

14. Improving science teaching in primary schools: role of academic supervision in changing classroom practices


Masters of Science in Early Childhood Development Program:

2015- 2016: 6th & 7th Batch:

1. Exploring the role of video games on children’s behaviour and learning, Shoeb Mahmud (2016)

2. Parents and teachers perceptions on children’s readiness skills for school, Abdullah Al Sowad

3. Role of Play based learning in promoting language and literacy development of the children in pre-school, Nazia Sharmin

4. Social emotional development of Children in government pre-primary school of Bangladesh scopes in curriculum and current practice, Sharmin Akter

5. Exploring play based pedagogy in children’s social and emotional development in NGO run preschools in Dhaka, Rafiath Rashid

6. Teachers perception in Developing 5 to 6 years preschooler children’s social and emotional development in English Medium School, Asheka-E-Pir Hashmi

7. Mother’s knowledge and practices regarding child maltreatment, Rabiya Khatun

8. Pre-primary teachers’ perception on mathematics for children of year 5-6, Jasedul Hossain

9. Fathers’ perception and practice in their 3-5 year old children’s play as a means of learning and development in the slums of Dhaka city, A.K.M. Rashidur Rahman


2014: 5th Batch:

1. Amena Begum. (2014). Exploring the readiness of teachers for language and communication development in pre-school

2. Anjuman Parvin. (2014). Exploring Parenting Knowledge and Practices of the Students Completed the Diploma and Master’s in ECD at BRAC University

3. Tanzina Quddus Dina. (2014). Exploring practices of Uerban Childres Physical activity

4. Mahfuzur Rahman Jewel. (2014). Teacher’s perception about child-friendly and interactive teaching- learning_in early primary grades of government primary schools (GPS).

5. Wasima Parvin. (2014). Expectations Of The Working Parents’ From Day Care Centre In Dhaka, Bangladesh

6. Sajeda Begum. (2014). Exploring Parenting Perception and Practices in Middle Class Families (A study related to families with children aged 0-3 year in Dhaka City)

7. Sheikh Nishat Nazmi. (2014). Bullying In Early Years At School: Case Study

8. Muhammad Mizanur Rashid Shuvra. (2014). Among Children In Grades 1 And 2 To Attend School And Related Factors

9. Jabadul Haque. (2014).  Young Street Children in Dhaka:Perceptions and Experiences of 6-8 Year Old Children about Life as Street Children in Dhaka City

2013: 4th Batch:

1. Areefa Zafar. (2013). Individualized Teaching – Teachers’ Perceptions and Practices in Teaching Mathematics to Six and Seven Year-Old Children

2. Mosammath Fahamida Begum. (2013). Teachers’ and Parents’ Perceptions on Learning through Play of  Preschoolers in Northern Part of Bangladesh.

3. Fahmida Majumder. (2013). Exploring Storytelling Practices of Urban Mothers

4. Suraiya Akter. (2013). Knowledge and Perception of preventing Malnutrition among the mothers of young children living in the urban slum areas of Bangladesh

5. Sudeb Kumar Dey. (2013). The Influence of Cartoon Characters on Preschoolers’ Behavior Pattern and Peer Interaction: A Case Study

6. Ashfi Mehnaz. (2013). Early literacy development and school readiness: Perceptions and practices of parents having 3-5 years old children in Dhaka city

7. Sanjana Jahangir. (2013). Perception and felt needs of parents of the children with Autism

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Play Summit 2018
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BRAC Centre, Dhaka
BRAC Centre, Dhaka
BRAC Centre, Dhaka


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